CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Onder Magazine Issue 006

by Onder Magazine | March 17, 2017 5:26 pm

Gather round children, we have a special assignment this month. We want your stories, your reviews, your art about… SCHOOLS in speculative fiction, games, and art!

While the editorial staff would prefer content that aligns with the designated theme (see suggestions below), it is not a requirement (the theme is more of a guideline than a rule, don’tcha know).

Article Proposals may are due April 2

and should be submitted via the form at[1].

Final drafts of all content are due April 27.


Below is a list of possible content for the various segments of the magazine… they are provided only to provide a conceptual framework for submission. Writers should feel free to propose their own content ideas.

Art (including COVER ART and CARTOONS*):

*We accept single panel, multi-panel strips, and full-page paneled sequential art






These are just our suggestions… we want to hear from YOU!

Submit your proposal for an Onder Magzine article today!

Deadline for proposals is April 2

Deadline for final drafts is April 27


*Mosaic Format stories feature responses from multiple individuals to the same question


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