Compensation Model

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Compensation for ONDER Magazine is based on royalties of remitted revenue and is structured as follows:

  • Content Contributors – 40%*
  • Project Production Team – 20%
  • OMG Management – 40%

*Distribution of the Content Contributors 40% is based on contribution word count (see below for how art translates into words). Each contributor’s portion is determined by the percentage of word count their work added to the total word count for the magazine.

EXAMPLE: If a writer’s article is 1800 words and the entire issue is comprised of 25,000 words, their portion will be 7.2% of the Writer’s Share (1800/25000=.072). So if the total Contributor Share is $100, that individual contributor receives $7.20 royalty.

So if the magazine receives $250 in remitted sales, the total Contributor Share is $100 (250 x 40%).

The writer would receive a royalty of 7.2% of $100 or $7.20.

Artist’s works contributed are considered the equivalent of word count as follows:

  • Cover Art: 5000 words
  • Multi-Panel Comic: 2000 words
  • Single-Panel Comic or Illustration: 1500 words

Compensation is remitted quarterly for the previous quarter’s sales.